Articles available for download

Here are some recent articles I've written that are available to download.

On responsiveness


The balance between life and death is a fragile one, and the ability to maintain a life is frankly astonishing. It is an interesting exercise to reflect on how it is done.

Moving away from the structural model…


It’s an interesting thing, the structural model – or what is sometimes called the biomechanical model. It’s neat and clean and full of satisfying solutions. It works really well with machines, such as cars…

Sensation, perception and response through structure


Bodies respond to the way they are used; more than anything, they are adaptive.

Teaching yoga to people with chronic pain


Some useful things to help navigate the often disconcerting situations we can find ourselves in teaching people who are in pain.

Theories of movement


An article I wrote to support a lecture I give on movement.

Precautions and prohibitions in Yoga?


An article I wrote with Christine McHugh discussing illness, health and homeostasis in yoga practice.

Spectrum: The Evolution of Yoga


An article written for Spectrum, the British Wheel of Yoga magazine, discussing recent claims that yoga practice can cause injuries.