The intention of practice


A charity workshop to support the Bhopal medical foundation.

Wednesday 22nd September 2021
18:00 – 21:00 BST (GMT +1)

All proceeds will go to the ‘Yoga for Bhopal’ appeal.



There are many reasons why people practice yoga, some do it for the exercise benefits, others to relax and others to quieten the chatter in their minds. In this workshop, I will suggest that one of the most helpful things to practice is that of discrimination, specifically between sensation perception and response. Sensation comes in two main forms, proprioceptive sensations that inform us what our body is doing in terms of movement and orientation, and nociception which informs us when we feel we are in danger of harm. How we respond to these two forms of sensory input will go a long way in determining how we feel in ourselves. This workshop is open and accessible to anyone interested in exploring these themes.

I am running this workshop to raise money for the ‘Yoga for Bhopal’ appeal and all proceeds will go to this fund. For many people, the Bhopal gas disaster will be remembered as one of the worlds greatest environmental disasters, 36 years later Indian villages in the surrounding area are still suffering the consequences of this dreadful chemical leak. Information about the Bhopal medical appeal can be found at